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Offshore Oil Scouts Association (OOSA)

President - Steve Deckwa, Anadarko
OOSA office - (504) 831-3571

The Offshore Oil Scouts Association was organized in January 1955 by six major operators for the purpose of sharing information pertaining to the drilling of offshore wells. Within three years there were twenty active members, and at present there are 50 companies.

In the early seventy's the Offshore Oil Scouts began producing computerized weekly drilling information as well as lease sales and lease history, and in June 1982, by utilizing scouts' information (tickets), set in motion the project of building our first Historical Well File.

Currently the Offshore Oil Scouts Association not only manages to provide member companies with the most accurate, up to date weekly information available, but in addition provides a number of other services, ie. Historical Updates, Lease Status (BLM), Lease Sales, Rig Reports, Statistical Report, Bluebooks, etc.

With continued effort and support of our active members, the Offshore Oil Scouts Association will strive to enhance the methods and quality of our information while maintaining the high standards which have been set over the years.


President - Frank Orr - ExxonMobil
(504) 561-3043

The Association was organized in 1932 as “The South Louisiana Landman & Oil Scouts Association”. In 1964 the name was changed to “The South Louisiana Oil Scouts Association”, as we are known today.

The association covers the lower 40 parishes of Louisiana. We have a formal meeting every week giving a weekly drilling report on all wells within our area. This includes all wildcats, field wells, sidetracks, etc… We follow a well from the date it was permitted to the date it was completed. Also included is the Weekly Conservation Office coverage for both Lafayette and Baton Rouge. 


President - Scott Sapaugh, Pioneer Natural Resources
Treasurer - Jeramy Norsworthy, Anadarko

The Houston Oil Scouts Association covers North America onshore exploration.

Members of the HOSA get up-to-date information for new well locations and completions, as well as current drilling/testing information for the active wells in these areas.

The HOSA generally meets on Tuesday morning at 10:00 a.m. three times a month. Membership dues are $1000/year.

Anyone interested in becoming a member of the HOSA or finding out more about our organization can contact the President.

Rocky Mountain Information Exchange


Gerald Brummett
West Land & Legal, LLC

Scott Sapaugh
Pioneer Natural Resources

Meeting format will be similar to the International Forums.  If you are interested in attending this forum please call Gerald or Scott.